About LeAnne’s Old Fashioned Cookies

After tasting "LeAnne’s Old Fashioned Cookies," Clients and friends often inquire about how these delicious cookies came into being.

As a Finance major at the University of Central Florida near Orlando, one of LeAnne’s required marketing projects was to plan, set up a business, market the product, keep accurate records, and report profits or losses the business generated. Since LeAnne has always enjoyed making cookies, she started with her family’s secret fourth generation chocolate chip cookie recipe to set up her marketing class “cookie business”.

Her cookies were an instant success with college students, professors, neighbors and friends, and they eagerly bought all the cookies she could produce. Her marketing project made a profit and the demand for “LeAnne’s Old Fashioned Cookies” continued, even though her professor gave her a “C” on the project. He emphatically stated, “People are becoming too health conscious and will no longer eat cookies; therefore, this business will NOT be a success”. Ignoring her professor’s harsh criticism and the ‘C’ on her project, LeAnne’s “cookie business” has continued to prosper for more than 25 years.

Working as a part time cashier for a popular grocery store, LeAnne made friends with the owners of a nearby pizza shop. Soon they offered to let LeAnne and her husband make cookies in their pizza ovens after hours on Saturday nights. She always baked extra cookies for the owners to enjoy.

In 1990, graduation day finally arrived. With her Finance Degree in hand, LeAnne, her family and the young cookie company moved to Seffner, Florida (a small town East of Tampa), and the cookie business continues to grow.

Daughter Amanda Joy was born in 1999, and soon joined the family business as the “client relations specialist.” LeAnne’s Old Fashioned Cookies won The Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce, “Small Business of the Year Award for 1999.”

LeAnne enjoys providing you a “delicious way to say thank you” to your clients and friends.