Client Comments

“ A few years back, when I first tasted LeAnne’s cookies, I was really shocked! I love cookies - GOOD cookies, that is, and I really hadn’t had any GOOD cookies in a long time!

I grew up in a family with a bunch of expert cookie-makers. I was so spoiled, that now I just can’t eat cookies from the grocery store, or ANY cookies that have all those chemicals added to keep the cookies "fresh". UGH!

But LeAnne’s cookies are almost unique! Absolutely the freshest and highest quality ingredients, and each cookie individually sealed air-tight in plastic, and quickly delivered to hungry customers! Delicious!!!

I used to be a chocolate- chip-cookies-only person, but I like ALL of LeAnne’s cookies! I always have a glass of milk ready when I enjoy some chocolate chip, peanut butter, or oatmeal cookies. They absolutely melt in your mouth! I had never eaten macadamia nut cookies, or fudge spectacular cookies, until I ate LeAnne’s wonderful masterpieces! So indescribably good!

Thank you, LeAnne, for caring so much about your product - AND your customers! I really appreciate it! ”

– Henry

“ I love the cookies but I really like the bars. These are a great gift for companies and for yourself. Love them!! Thanks LeAnne. ”

– Kimberly

“ Your cookies taste great! Great flavor. They taste as good as they look. ”

– Barbara

“ Our clients loved the fresh baked cookies and appreciated that we thought enough to send such a tasty treat! ”

– Angel

“ We have been sending LeAnne’s cookies to our clients for years now. During that time we have sent boxes, cellophanes, towers and baskets all over the country. What we were hoping for was a positive response, what we received were requests for more. Our clients love receiving your cookies which makes it the best marketing return on investment we have ever encountered. The fact that the cookies are fresh, individually wrapped and playfully presented makes them a fun gift to send and receive. Thank You. ”

– Bill

“ My clients are often Professional Businesses and are very impressed when they are on my list for receiving LeAnne's Cookies as a Thank You Gift. It is amazing and often they send me a personally written note or letter expressing their surprise and sheer joy at the quality of the cookies. In addition to the stunning packaging they are most impressed with the quality and especially the individually wrapped cookies that avoid any hint of contamination by fellow personnel. –Signed, Your loyal client ”

– Tom

“ After receiving LeAnne's cookies as a gift I wanted to know more and was granted my unusual request to visit her unique bakery. It is stunning and I was amazed at the cleanliness and stainless steel equipment. LeAnne is a fanatic about the top grade ingredients, NO added preservatives, packaging and of course cleanliness. LeAnne personally mixes each batch and bakes them in her convection oven, before individually wrapping each cookie prior to packaging and shipping. ”

– Sam

“ I have been a customer of "LeAnne's Cookies" for over 15 years, and I have never been more delighted than now to recommend this home-based company to anyone in the need for fantastic cookies or a unique gift. I have always received the personal touch with LeAnne and her family, and now with the new website, ordering has never been easier. The cookies are amazing - always fresh, individually wrapped, and delicious. With all of the varieties, there is a treat to satisfy any pallet. My fortunate friends and family members to have received these gifts over the years have been ecstatic. ”

– Laura

“ LeAnne’s Old Fashioned Cookies are scrumptious! There is an excellent variety and, being individually wrapped, I can put them in the freezer and pull out one when I want a special treat. They remain fresh and tasty. ”

– Dorothy

“ The chocolate chip pecan cookies are AMAZING! ”

– Janet

“ My family ordered the variety cookie pack from LeAnne’s Cookies. I was surprised at how fast they arrived; my kids immediately wanted to start devouring them. We tried each of the different kinds of cookies; it was very difficult for us to choose a favorite. They were all delicious. I’d have to say that the Fudge Spectacular really stood out to us. I like ordering from LeAnne because I know she is using fresh and REAL ingredients, not chemicals and preservatives. My only complaint, if you want to call it that, is we didn’t order a large enough box! ”

– Susie

“ I have been getting cookies from LeAnne's for two years now and absolutely love them!! All the cookies are fresh and delicious. My all-time favorite cookie is the 'fudge-spectacular.' LeAnne's cookies make great gifts for holidays or even as a thank you to friends. The prepackaged cookies would be good to put out in a business setting for everyone to grab a treat. I recommend trying LeAnne's cookies - they are my favorite! ”

– Kristin

“ Our friends and family look forward to getting LeAnne's cookies every Christmas. They are a great gift for teachers and coworkers, so neatly packaged with red or blue bows. They taste so good with a glass of milk. We love to get cookies for every holiday; they are my family’s favorite. ”

– Kim

“ The best gift we have every received, we enjoyed every bite. Can honestly say, they were so fresh, and the presentation was beautiful.

All our co-workers couldn’t get enough. ”

– Anna

“ LeAnne’s Old Fashioned Cookies are the best! My favorites are the Fudge Spectaculars and Chocolate Chip-A-Roons. Thank you for always making a customized basket of my favorites, and for the prompt and efficient shipping so that gifts arrive fresh and delicious. ”

– Mary

“ The cookies taste great and are kept fresh by being individually wrapped. What a great gift for teachers, employees or any special event/occasion!" ”

– Barbara

“ LeAnne's cookies are truly wonderful. Always very fresh and taste amazing. I love that only the finest ingredients are used and are made with LeAnne's caring and special touch. I often send LeAnne's cookies to my husband for special occasions and he is always excited to receive them (and so are his co-workers, because he occasionally shares!) LeAnne's cookies are always packaged so beautifully and also are very reasonably priced for the quality! I will be a customer for years to come! ”

– Cynthia

“ I've been ordering LeAnne's Old Fashioned cookies, as gifts, for over 10 years and have never been been disappointed. I always refer her to friends and co-workers. My personal favorites are the Chip-A-Roons and Fudge Spectaculars. Anyone that I have ever sent them to has been delightfully surprised because of the colorful packaging of her cookie bouquets and personalization with balloons. They also enjoy the freshness and convenience of her individually wrapped cookies. I have been and always will be a faithful customer because of the quality product and great customer service that LeAnne provides. ”

– Chris

“ Dear Jean,

Your gift arrived today. I can honestly say that in 16 years of practicing law, my children have never had a favorite client until now. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and yummy gift.

Thank you, ”

– Dawn

“ You are doing an excellent job with the cookies, and I don’t know how to tell you to improve. Of course I am probably one of the least of your customers, but the sense of your personal caring and attention is of high importance along with the quality of the product and, of course the pricing. ”

– Marvin

“ Best cookies I’ve ever had in my life! They taste so fresh and delicious. I've been eating them since I was five years old. My teachers love to get LeAnne’s cookies at Christmas. ”

– Austin

“ Wow, these cookies are just plainly delicious! A perfect treat between meals, at a party, to give as a gift, or to enjoy as dessert. You will enjoy each and every bite from start to finish and then want another. There is much variety available to accommodate everyone's tastebuds. Each cookie is of the best quality, freshness and taste that is yummy to the tummy! ”

– Paul & Becky

“ Every Christmas we take a big box of LeAnne's cookies to my family in Georgia. The individual wrapping keeps them fresh and tasty. And with so many varieties, there is something for everyone. ”

– Debbie

“ As soon as the package of LeAnne's cookies arrives at our home, we all grab our favorites. Personally, I hide a few peanut butter cookies in the top cabinet to save them for myself. ”

– David

“ After church on Sunday, we would visit my Grandmother and she would have her homemade cookies waiting for us.......these tasted just like Grandma's! ”

– Marc

“ Thank you for the delivery of the cookies last week, as always they arrived fresh and tasty. I really like the varieties that are available. The cookies are a perfect gift as they are always prepared so carefully and the packaging always looks great. ”

– Scott

“ WOW! WOW! WOW! I feel like the “cookie monster” because I want another cookie. In the age of communication we often struggle and fail to find the words to express our appreciation and gratitude. It is amazing how your delicious products send forth a very clear message by using the senses of touch, sight, smell and taste to say “You are Special”! Thank you?please can I have another cookie? ”

– Myles

“ LeAnne's Cookies Are The Best!!!! ”

– Claudia

“ LeAnne makes the BEST cookies. Once you try them there is not another cookie that will satisfy you. The taste is out of this world no matter which one you bite into they are” mouth watering good”. There is such a variety to choose from that it is difficult for you to have a FAVORITE cookie.

I have sent them to my relatives and friends. They arrived at their homes, which are out of state, just like they bought them up at a nearby store. Each cookie is individually wrapped and is SO fresh and packaged so carefully for shipment. Everyone loved them.

They are truly a gift you will be proud to send and one that everyone loves to receive.

LeAnne is now making it easier than ever for us to order through her website. ”

– Donna

“ Our company relies on LeAnne’s cookies to tell our customers how grateful we are to have their business. We trust LeAnne to convey this message through her assorted cookie gift baskets, whether the occasion is a simple thank you or to wish our customers a Merry Christmas. The cookies arrive in a beautiful display, and each one is individually wrapped, preserving its freshness, and making them easier to dole out around the water cooler. The cookies themselves come in a variety of flavors, some traditional, other unique. Each one is as delicious as the others. We appreciate LeAnne’s business and will be happy to continue giving her ours for years to come. ”

– Heather

“ I received a gift package of LeAnne’s Old Fashioned Cookies right after having a baby as a congratulations for our new arrival. One of the neat things that stood out about their packaging, was that each cookie is individually wrapped, so nothing becomes stale! Each cookie was fresh, just like out of the oven! My favorite of the entire package was the cookie bars called "Fudge Spectacular" I received, they were so moist and delicious! Thank you LeAnne's Old Fashioned Cookies for a truly unique gift idea! ”

– Lori

“ I usually bake my own cookies. It's not so much because I like to bake; but, for me, it's all about having cookies that are freshly baked, using select, quality ingredients and in proportions that provide more of what constitutes a cookie to remember, and less of what holds it all together. I've made recipe adjustments that give me exactly what I want. My cookies are absolutely worth my time to make them, and everyone else agrees. Only now, I no longer need to bake. I was introduced to LeAnne's cookies several years ago; and am totally amazed to find that mine are repeatedly only a close second to hers. LeAnne's cookies are each consistently scrumptious, from cookie to cookie, from batch to batch, and even throughout all of her luscious varieties. Just try one! ”

– Bill

“ LeAnne's Old Fashioned Cookies are amazing! There is nothing better that a glass of milk and some chocolate chip cookies from LeAnne's Old Fashioned Cookies. ”

– Billy

“ We've enjoyed LeAnne's cookies for many years. They are always consistently delicious and a real treat to eat. ”

– Kevin

“ Your cookies are simply amazing! One of the first things that caught my attention was they way they were packaged to stay fresh. I have received items like this from other vendors and in a couple of days their freshness was gone. Individually wrapping each cookie, great idea. My first taste was the chocolate chip, so good; but what really got my attention was the oatmeal, the first bite reminded me of my childhood days, walking into my grandmas kitchen and smelling her fresh baked oatmeal cookies. I can see why LeAnne Old Fashioned Cookies is so successful. ”

– Larry

“ I received a box of cookies this week and they were delicious! They were fresh and not one cookie was broke. They aren't those small cookies that you buy in the store. They were real home made cookies. I'm always looking for something to send to the Grand-kids who live up North. And this is perfect. ”

– Paula

“ Having tried several varieties of LeAnne’s cookies, I cannot say enough about how good they are. You can tell they are made of high quality ingredients combined just right. Many of them are like eating fine deserts. Being individually wrapped also makes it convenient to carry with you to eat later, as well as keeping them fresh and maintaining the flavor. They also come uniquely packaged to give as gifts. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting delicious high quality cookies for themselves, as well as for gifts to friends or clients. Also one must consider for the great cookie you get, the price is very reasonable. ”

– Dan

“ I was very impressed with the quality and care that goes into each of LeAnne’s cookie gifts. I am quick to recommend LeAnne’s Cookies to a colleague or friend that wants to send a delicious “thank you” gift to their clients or customers. ”

– Phil

“ Your cookies are fantastic! The Fudge Spectaculars are my absolute favorite. I love that each cookie is individually wrapped. The challenge I face when eating these wonderful treats is stopping! ”

– Adam

“ LeAnne's cookies are wonderful! They remind me of my grandmother's cookies. Ordering is so easy, you can order online but I decided to call and place my order. I live in the area so I was able to get my cookies the same day, amazing! I've ordered cookies for my office and they love the variety of cookies to choose from. The Christmas wrapping was so cute and looked like a big present of goodness. I think it's great that each cookie is individually wrapped so it's easy to have them out on the table and not have to worry about bugs or other people's hand on your cookie. I personally love the Coconut Chip-a-Roons, they are so creamy and delicious...I order a box just for myself because I will not share them, they are that good! ”

– Tania

“ My attorney, to whom I gave LeAnne’s Cookies to say thank you, wrote this to me:

“Your gift arrived today. I can honestly say that in 16 years of practicing law, my children have never had a favorite client until now. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and yummy gift.” ”

– Jean

“ I can't stop at just one of your delightful cookies. The freshness, taste, and quality of your cookies leave my mouth watering for another. The variety of cookies in every box is amazing. I appreciate the attention to detail with the individual wrapping of each cookie. Your cookies are a huge hit with friends and associates. ”

– Tommy

“ I just wanted to say that my mom got her gift yesterday, and was over the top ecstatically pleased with it!!! I will definitely be a repeat customer and will tell all of my friends and family about this company! Thanks again for such great customer service and wonderful products!!! ”

– ~Brooke